Théâtre en Anglais

Les classes de 1° et de Terminale L ont assisté à une représentation théâtrale d’une pièce adaptée du roman de Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Le Chien des Baskervilles, The Hound of the Baskervilles au théâtre du Gallia à Saintes.
La représentation était en Anglais mais les élèves avaient travaillé sur l’oeuvre avant d’y assister.
Voici quelques réactions d’élèves de 1°L suite à ce spectacle.

Annaëlle, 1°L

« Before going to the theatre, I was afraid because the play was in English. But, we studied texts and the movie in class before and it helped me for the understanding of the play. I was very surprised by the play. I loved it !
The actors were brilliant ! Before the beginning of the play, they played with the audience, spoke with us and welcomed us.
I adored the beginning of the play, the music, the place of the characters everywhere in the room and the game with the lights. We were in the atmosphere of the play from the beginning.
Some scenes were very different from the book but it is not a problem.
The actors really impressed me ! They all played different roles and changed their voice, their costume and their personality. I even believed that they were five instead of four !
Finally, I even forgot that the play was in English ! But I found that the passage in the swamps was boring and I wanted to sleep.
To conclude, the play was a success for me and I’m impatient to see a new one next year. »

Axel, 1°L

« My class and I were in Saintes at the theatre to see a play entitled The Hound of the Baskervilles based on the eponymous novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
I was afraid of seeing a play in English but it was easy to understand. There were good actors even if they were only four for a lot of characters. I think the Sherlock Holmes’s atmosphere was well represented. We could recognize the characteristics and clichés of Sherlock but it wasn’t exaggerated. I liked the way we expected the world famous « Elementary my dear Watson » all the play long. The actors were well dressed just like in the beginning of the 20th century. Maybe the way the hound was represented was not a good choice but the play was really good and I loved it. »

Charlène, 1°L

« From the start, when we sat down, the actors in their costumes were in the theatre room. They came to meet the audience. Straight away, a link was created with them.
When the lights turned off, the actors started to sing and play with lights so that we immediately immersed into the story. They took us in the atmosphere of London.
The actors played their roles with humour and dynamism and produced an important work on stage to interpret all the characters. They played a game with us ; during the show, they sometimes performed in the room among us and talked to us. They were very talentuous.
To sum up, the production was amazing ! The actors played with the scenery and different effects were used to take us further away. This was a show of a great quality with wonderful actors.
It was a real pleasure and I really loved it ! »